• About ME

    As brand and marketing consultant, I help and support all type of businesses with online and offline strategies to meet their needs and expectations. I analyze all aspects of your market precisely by immersing myself in the industry and the competitive landscape of your company to optimize your company in the best way.


    Nevertheless, I’m also specialize in helping artists to develop their career by marketing and branding strategies.

    With my Art agent background, I think that every artist should be more recognize for their work. I saw to many artists failing in developing their career correctly, that's why I want to help them to do it in the right way.


    I have all the strategic tools and creativity to improve a brand, a career and to implement sales, marketing and branding programs.


    Good communication and listening skills allow us to assist artists, brands and companies in defining their identity and their communication tools in order to reach their goals and even beyond.


    The international environment of my training gave me the capacity of helping businesses and artists worldwide. This multiculturality gives me motivation to go further and to help you to develop your business internationally.

  • Education & Certification

    Google Inc.

    February 2018

    Certification Google Digital Active

    ICN Business School

    Campus Nürnberg, Germany

    2015 - 2018

    Master Grande Ecole in Management

    MSc in Marketing & Brand Management

    ICN Business School

    Campus Nürnberg, Germany

    2012 - 2015

    Bachelor of Business Administration

  • Areas of Practice

    Brand Management

    Art Agent

    International Marketing

    Business Strategy & Development

    International Management


  • "Don't be afraid to give up the good to go for the great."


    John D. Rockefeller

    • Develop your career to reach the only limit : the sky
    • Buy artworks from talented and known artists

    As art agent, I created the "Artist Career Accelerator" program for artists who struggle to develop their career.

    This program, based and completed on listed artists' methods, will help you to sell more of your artworks, become more known and who knows, be represented by an art agent or gallery.

    4 types of program are available and adapted to any budget / needs.


    Furthermore, I also offer the opportunity to art lovers, businesses or investors to buy wonderful artworks from international and listed artists in worldwide auction houses.

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    Need information? Having a request ? Don't hesitate to contact me.