• Marketing & Sales Strategy Consultant

    As consultant, I help and support all type of businesses with online and offline strategies to meet their needs and expectations.


    Trilingual French-English-German

  • The Process

    Working towards one single goal : growing your business

    #1 Notice the problem


    - Weak or stagnation of my sales?

    - Problem in identifying my prospects?

    - Marketing & communication concerns?

    - Looking for my brand identity?

    - Want to develop my business?

    - (...)?

    #2 Discuss it with me


    Let's talk about the obstacles your business is facing and work together to overcome them.

    #3 Grow your business


    Implementation of the bests strategies

    that fits perfectly to your business !

  • Area of Expertise

    Consulting services to grow businesses

    Companies Consulting

    • Creation and implementation of tailor-mades business strategies (digital and non-digital marketing, sales, branding, management).
    • Integration of (geo)political factors.
    • Driving businesses through an international sales cycle.
    • Coaching / mentoring executives, sales & marketing teams.
    • Negotiation and partnership management.



    AI for Sales and Marketing


    Future is already here : enhance your performances with Artificial Intelligence.

    • High precision copy-writing adapted to your activity.
    • A catchy storytelling for a powerful impact.
    • A beautiful and responsive Landing page.
    • Human-like email responses 

    And SUCH more ...


    Art Consulting

    • Marketing aspect in art field (digital and non-digital, incl. NFTs).
    • Branding aspect in art field.
    • Luxury and Arts : how to sell my art as a luxury good.
    • Personal coaching.

    Matching consulting services to artists to allow them to develop their career is one of the expertise you can find in the link bellow.



  • Testimonials

    Results that speak for themselves

    Max B., France

    Business Developer

    I am very happy and delighted to work with Adrien. He is always very involved and serious in his work. He is also present in all circumstances, responsive and proactive.

    Marcin, Poland


    Adrien is a art industry professional and a skilled marketer. He aims to deliver you a tailor-made art career advice depending on your current situation and goals. I can fully recommend Adrien as a consultant - he wants artists to succeed, is knowledgeable and will answer any of your questions to the best of his ability.

    Maxime R., France

    Business Owner

    The implementation of Adrien's strategies fits perfectly to my business !

    He does not hesitate to tell you what's wrong in your current situation and gives you the best tips to overcome the trouble that you face.

    Thank you for your time and patience !

    Sabine, Belgium


    Adrien has a very good listening skills and quickly identify problems that need to be solved. His knowledges and solutions fits perfectly to the artistic industry and for artist's career. I recommend Adrien for his consultant and art agent work.

    Fethi, France


    A big thanks to Adrien for his very professional art training course and his advices ! It's a great tool to help me to develop my artistic career.

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